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Races of Wolves

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Races of Wolves

Post by Rosalina on Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:49 pm


Red Wolf

Red wolves are a small race that has short, soft fur. They very similar to coyotes, and can be mistaken for them. Their fur color is usually grey-black, with a hint of red. They are 26 inches tall, and weigh 45-80 pounds

Alaskan Tundra Wolf

Alasken Tundra wolves are a large race with soft, long fur. They usually have white or light grey fur, though black coats has happened before. Males vary from 85 to 176 pounds, and females are 80 to 120 pounds.

Arabian wolf

The Arabian wolf is a small sized race, with thin silky fur. Their fur color is usually a pale brown, with a black back. They have large ears. Their eye color could be anything, but are usually orange. Both genders are about 26 inches tall, and around 40 pounds.

Arctic Wolf

The Arctic wolf is a medium sized race that generally has thick, soft white fur. They somtimes have a grey spot on their back. Their eyes can be all sorts of colors, the most common is being blue. Both genders are 64-79 cm tall, and weigh about 35-45 kg.

British Columbian Wolf

British Columbian Wolves are a large race with long, thick fur. They are usually black, dark brown or dark grey. Their eyes are usually yellow. They are 60 to 70 inches tall and 80-150 pounds

Eurasian wolf

The Eurasian wolf is a large sized race that sports short, coarse fur. Their eyes could be all sorts of color, but it usually is light brown. Their fur color is a mix of ginger, to light grey. Females are 32–50 kg, but males can weigh up to 69–80 kg.

Great Plains wolf

Great Plains wolves are a medium sized race with long, thick fur. Their fur can be many colors, though most are light colored. Black ones are rare, but possible. They weigh about 60 and 110 pounds. Tallness is not available.

Mexican wolf

Mexican wolves are a small race with long, thin fur. They look similar to Arabian wolves, but they are grayer than them, and are slightly bigger. Their fur color is usually brown and grey, with a black back. They are about 25–45 kg and 72–80 cm tall.

Tibetan wolf

Tibetan wolves are a small race with long, thick fur. Their fur colors are only Cream and ginger. Their eyes are usually brown colored. They weigh 45 kg or lower, and are about 27 to 30 inches high.

Vancouver Island wolf

Vancouver Island wolves is a medium sized race with short, coarse fur. They are usually a mix of grey, brown, and black. Occasionally, they are seen pure white. They are 26 to 32 inches high, and weigh about 65 to 90 pounds

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